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Konnichiwa! Abby desu~
Just a little introduction about myself..

I'm a JE fangirl from the Philippines.
I have an interest in anime, manga, cosplay and most especially JPOP!
I really like making friends so I take the initiative to add them.

But I'm really shy in real life :))

I love this 6 dorky guys

My forever OTP is TEGOMASU coz they're so cute together :DD (though I read Ryotego and Tegopi fics^^)

I love every bit of TEGOSHI YUYA ♥♥♥

His incredible voice blew me away the first time.

His angelic smile made me love him more.

and that beautiful face of his ensured a spot in my heart ♥

That's all! Then if you're still interested, feel free to add me up! :))

but I'll be really glad if you could PM me first^^

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